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Our first MyMark Social Media Marketing Conference taught me a few things and reminded me of others I had forgotten. When Tyrell Gray, John Child, Dano Ybarra and I were at dinner Thursday night, Tyrell brought up one of Lady Gaga's more recent outfits that she wore to an event. As I'm sure you've heard, Lady Gaga wore a dress made out of raw meat to the MTV VMA's. This has been a hot topic of conversation among fashionistas, news stations, animal rights activists, PETA and many other groups. In fact, when I typed Lady Gaga into Google today the third suggestion was "Lady Gaga meat dress."

When we first started talking about Lady Gaga, Tyrell said, "Lady Gaga is amazing." I was thinking, "What? Are you serious? Lady Gaga is crazy." He then pointed out how talented she was, detailing her accomplishments at a very young age. While these accomplishments may be actually amazing, I never would have known. Lady Gaga has marketed herself as a very ostentatious, eccentric, very sexual individual and she has been wildly successful in her marketing. She doesn't wear dresses made out of meat or let rumors about her grow because she thinks wearing raw, cold meat is comfortable or because she really wants people to think she is confused about her sexuality. She does these things because they support her personal brand and really get people talking. You can learn an excellent lesson from her crazy stunts. Get people talking about your brand. I recently heard Megan Fox admit in an interview that she gladly says outrageous things to the paparazzi because it gets her more publicity. This is how celebrities define their personal brands.

I'm not saying that you need to go home and completely revamp your wardrobe or call up the tabloids to feed them a juicy story but you should be metaphorically doing those things for your personal brand. You should be writing about hot topics in your industry. You should be creating a dialogue with your customers and colleagues. You should be finding unique ways to promote your personal brand and to define yourself. You can make your blog marketing work for you by giving your blog some unique personality! Stay active, be consistent and be remarkable.

Please share specific examples of how you make your personal brand remarkable in the comments below.

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Personal Branding Like Lady Gaga

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This article was published on 2010/12/10