How to Dress Like Lady Gaga

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Stefani Germanotta of the United States is not a name that many people are familiar with. However, when you mention the name Lady Gaga, definitely not a few people will go gaga. This Poker Face lady has taken the music world by the storm and is known for her eccentric and outrageous costumes. Since she is a fashion symbol, quite a number of people will want to dress like Lady Gaga. So how does one dress like Lady Gaga?

The first thing that you must know as a ‘gaga dresser' is that you must have the mind for the wild as you will be exposing a lot of flesh and exploring new frontiers in fashion. To dress like her, you must be out of this world in your dressing and be ready to savour the joy of praise and cope with caustic criticism as well. Moreover, most importantly, you must be yourself, or else you are not ready to dress like Lady Gaga.

Once you have these features, the next thing to do is to stock your wardrobe with costumes that will surely make others go gaga. To complete the look, you need to pay special attention to the hair, facial make-up and other accessories. For the make-up, it is important to know that to dress like her, a lot of attention has to be paid to the eyes thus you will need heavy mascara with black eyeliners and copious false eyelashes. To make the job easier, you can purchase the popular Lightning Bolt Make-Up Kit, which contains a four-colour tray, pencil, double-sided sponge applicator, stencil sheet and a sharpener. However, you must remember that you need to have low color tone lip sticks; therefore, baby pink or nude velvet will be just nice on the lips.

Furthermore, to have an idea of dresses to buy if you really want to dress like Lady Gaga, they include latex body suits, liquid leggings, one-shoulder (Grecian) sequin top, strapless knit romper and a deep V blouse jumpsuit. For the hair, brightly coloured and dyed wigs are cool. However, for your wigs to really stand out, you can go for the following types: soda can, curly blonde, straight with bangs, curly blonde with pink accents and blonde bow clip. You also need leather gloves, bracelets and leg warmers. One very important point that must not be forgotten is that all your dresses, wigs and accessories need to be of bold, flashy, notice-me colours. For accessories such as bags and shoes, the bigger the better for you. While going for shoes, platforms may not be a bad idea too as high-heeled shoes will definitely stand you out. You see, to dress like Lady Gaga is fun!

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How to Dress Like Lady Gaga

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This article was published on 2010/12/25