How Can You As Attractive As Lady Gaga

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In recent years, people would pay more attention to Lady GaGa, her outstanding shape, keen sense for fashion allow all the world's spotlight to focus on her. How to stand at the fashion tip like her? Leather pants, leather boots, leather bag are all her trademarks.
Lightning eye makeup, butterfly hair, white long hair, thick mascara, IPOD screen sunglasses, electric sunglasses, resin coating, patent leather corset, tight-fitting briefs, three-dimensional structure coat, nude color, cans curly hair ... ... All these pieces come together to form a distinctive and cutting-edge Lady Gaga Style. Before it turns out, most of them can only appear on the T stage. Some people have compared Lady Gaga to Madonna, however, even Madonna only dared to wear cone bra at the concert show.
Lady Gaga had once sung in KOKO club in London, continuing her bold style. And before the show, Lady Gaga also appeared on the British "Chart show" of Channel Four. Lady Gaga had been wearing alternatively, that day, she wore a purple dress, even the lips were also purple, but her pants on lower body still caused topic.
Gaga appeared in Rolling Stone magazine half-naked in May 2009, just for their annual "wearing plastic foam Hot List", this style caused no small topic around the world, and Gaga also had been wearing this set of clothes on the show.
She can dress herself as a Christmas gift and drink tea with friends, this "mix" even seems unacceptable for the stars, while she takes it as routine. In fact, if you are careful enough, Lady Gaga has sung her voices in the song: "How did I turn my shirt inside out?" The implication is: it is none of your business about my dress. In the recently held MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony, Lady Gaga wears the corset bodice of Dolce & Gabbana. The model is still very "ray", but everyone knows that she is not a fashion victim, on the contrary, she is playing the fashion circles, every appearance of her is challenging the fashion circles and the public's patience.
Before long, Gaga wearing the underwear on the cover of the famous fashion magazine "Cosmopolitan" issued in March. Gaga still appears on the cover with usual makeup, but she only wears the flesh-colored underwear with quite strong contrast. In the magazine article, Gaga talks to readers about her bits and pieces on her road. When Gaga refers to her acting career, she said: "For a long period of time, people do not understand me, they are saying that I 'was too avant-garde' or 'too dramatic'. But I have great ambitions for this point. "
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How Can You As Attractive As Lady Gaga

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    GagaIsGhastly- 2010/12/05 11:04:51 am

    Listen. Lady Gaga is simply UGLY !!! There. I've stated what everybody else has been thinking for years (and you know it's true). She looks like that ugly little kid who was the star of that one show called 'Blossom'. Why won't they both just get a nose job and their jaw/chin fixed already? Just because they are rich does not mean that they also have a right to go around traumatizing society with their unattractive faces. How dare they?!?! Do society a favor and call a plastic surgeon already.

This article was published on 2010/11/25